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There are many kinds of family law matters.  All of them, no matter how simple or how complex, can benefit with help of an attorney.  I am an experienced Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney.  I have been an attorney for 15 years, and began practicing family and divorce law in my first year of practice. Call my office to talk to me about your unique family law matter.  I handle many kinds of family law matters, including:

Uncontested Dissolution of Marriage (Uncontested Divorces)

Do you and your spouse agree on your divorce?  Are most of the issues you face, such as custody, visitation, and division of property settled?  You should still seek the advice of an attorney, especially if you have children or own real property, or have a long term marriage.  These facts create potential problems after your divorce and can put you right back in court.  Minimize the risk of this by having an attorney experienced in family law prepare your paperwork and advise you of your rights under Florida law.

Another benefit of having an attorney prepare your divorce for you is that, after the paperwork is prepared, I can generally obtain a hearing sooner than you can on your own.  I personally attend the court hearing with you, so you don’t have to appear in front of the Judge on your own.

Contested Dissolution of Marriage (Contested Divorce)

Although many divorces can be done by agreement, many are not.  When you and your spouse do not agree on all your issues, or your spouse simply refuses to sign an agreement, this is your remaining option.  This is the procedure most people think of when they hear the word divorce.  It includes serving the other side, attending mediation, and, possibly, going to trial.  Other issues may come up, including temporary relief hearings, extensive discovery and depositions, and emergency hearings if necessary.

Handling a contested divorce on your own is not wise if you can avoid it.  There are no special rules for people who represent themselves, as pro se litigants (people unrepresented by attorneys) are held to the same standard as attorneys with respect to knowing divorce law, family law procedure rules, and the rules of evidence.  If you need advice and representation in a contested divorce, do not delay.

Paternity Cases

If you have a child outside of marriage, the mother is automatically given rights to the child.  The father, however, must file what is called a Paternity Action.  This does not necessarily mean that a DNA paternity test must be done.  In fact, in most cases, it is not necessary.

There are rules, just like in a divorce, that must be followed.  These cases can be uncontested or contested.  Call me at 407-846-1LAW (1529) to discuss the rights and obligations that come with a Paternity Case.

Custody / Visitation / Time Sharing

After a Divorce or Paternity Case, often times parties still run into legal issues.  Whether you are trying to enforce your rights granted in, or trying to modify the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage or Final Judgment of Paternity, an attorney’s help is invaluable.  Call me at 407-846-1LAW (1529) to discuss what remedies are available for enforcement or modification of your particular Final Judgment.

Agreements and Stipulations

After a family law case has been settled and a Final Judgment has been entered, sometimes the parties (usually the parents) want to modify something the Judge previously ordered in their Final Judgment.  Many people don’t consider hiring an attorney to do this, but that can be a mistake.  There are still rules and procedures that need to be followed if you want your agreement or stipulation to be allowed by the Judge in your case.  Hiring an attorney to help with this is not usually expensive and can be done relatively quickly compared to the initial divorce.  Feel free to contact me at 407-846-1LAW (1529) if you want an agreement or stipulation entered in your case.

Child Support and Alimony

Like other things ordered in a Final Judgment, Child Support and Alimony can be modified if the right conditions exist.  These cases can be much more difficult and complex than most people think.  An attorney can help you understand what is required in order for child support or Alimony to be modified.

Additionally, and more commonly, sometimes child support or Alimony is not being paid as it should.  These are also commonly called Contempt or Enforcement proceedings.  Whether your are the one ordered to pay child support or alimony, or are the one ordered to receive it, an attorney can help you through that process.

Feel free to call me at 407-846-1LAW (1529) to discuss your child support or alimony case.


Often times a parent wants to relocate with a child from where they currently reside.  If this move is more than 50 miles away, which includes moves within the State, there are special rules and procedures in Florida that must be followed, even if the parent moving has what they believe to be full custodial rights over the child.  Additionally, the proper procedure must be followed even if both parents agree to the relocation.  Call me at 407-846-1LAW (1529) to discuss your case, whether you are the one moving, or are the parent remaining in their current residence.

Other Family Law Issues

There are other kinds of family law issues that can come up in your unique situation.  I treat my clients as individuals and give personal attention to their case, no matter how small or large.  Call me at 407-846-1LAW(1529) to see if I can help you.

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