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DUI (Driving Under the Influence)

Obtaining a successful outcome in a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) case without an attorney is nothing short of impossible. DUI Attorneys have the legal knowledge required to prepare a successful DUI defense. I can help you defend you DUI and negotiate a favorable outcome for you.

Your individual case has it’s own set of facts, and no attorney can promise a particular outcome. However, many times I can successfully negotiate with the State Attorney and reduce or eliminate jail time, reduce fines, or even get some charges and/or tickets dropped, depending on your individual circumstances.

DUI’s can have serious ramifications on your Driver’s License, your employment, your bank account and even your freedom. Do not try to represent yourself when facing a DUI. Hire a DUI Attorney. Too many times I hear from people who tried to handle a DUI on their own and did not obtain a fair result.

Realize that DUI’s are enhanceable crimes. This means that each time someone gets a DUI, the penalties potentially get worse. Even your FIRST DUI is a serious matter and should be handled by a professional. Hire a DUI Attorney right away, as often times that is the best way to get a favorable result.

Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (DWLSR, DWLS)

If you are arrested or charged with the criminal version of Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (DWLSR), call me right away. A DWLS may not seem serious, but it is an enhanceable crime, like DUI, and can even be charged as a felony if your traffic history is serious enough.

Even if you just get a DWLSR ticket, it may be a criminal charge. It is important that you hire a DWLSR Attorney whether you received a criminal DWLSR ticket or you were arrested. Whether this is your first offense or you have prior Driving While License Revoked or Suspended, feel free to call me right away.

Driving without a Valid License

This is similar to a DWLSR. It sounds like it may just be a minor traffic infraction, but it is not. More often than not, I see individuals from out of state or even illegal immigrants with the charge. Whether you are a legal citizen or not, you should hire an attorney familiar with the laws surrounding Driving without a Valid License.

Leaving the Scene of an Accident (LSOA)

The crime of Leaving the Scene of an Accident is serious. Whether it is limited to just property damage or it involves the more serious versions involving Serious Bodily Injury or Death, it is important to hire an attorney.

What many defendants fail to realize when charged with Leaving the Scene of an Accident is that there is a common assumption that the defendant “got away with a DUI”. While this is sometimes the case, don’t let that assumption follow you. I know that many of my clients simply panicked and made a mistake. Or, you could be the owner of a vehicle involved in the accident, but you were not driving. In any case, if you are charged with Leaving the Scene of an Accident, the State is looking for jail time. Call me today to defend you!

Attaching a Tag not Assigned

Of all the traffic charges, this one is often seen as the most surprising to be a criminal offense. You CAN go to jail for this. However, often times it can either be negotiated down to something less serious, fines may be lowered, probation can be minimized or eliminated, and charges can often be dropped, depending on the facts of your case and the individual circumstances surrounding your prosecution. While this case can seem straightforward, the facts of your case (and a lack of an admission or confession) can often lead to a dismissal of the charges.

Allowing an Unauthorized Minor to Drive

Did your child take the keys? When he or she gets pulled over, they are not the only one potentially facing a criminal charge! While they may get prosecuted in Juvenile or Adult Court, you may get a ticket for Allowing an Unauthorized Minor to Drive. And while this may seem like something you can just “explain to the Judge”, you should not take this approach. The fastest way for you to lose an otherwise strong case is to try to “explain” your situation. This results in your unknowing confession and, ultimately, conviction. I have handled these kinds of charges and it is important that you hire an attorney who has handled these before to represent you.

Other Traffic Crimes

Driving with an expired Driver’s License more than 4 months
Fleeing and Attempting to Elude
Reckless Driving
Racing on Highway
Violation of Business Purpose / Employment Purpose Restriction
DUI Manslaughter
Whatever the traffic crime, and whether you were arrested or given a ticket, give me a call today to discuss your individual circumstances.

In all Criminal Traffic matters, it is important to remember that you should not try to go it alone and represent yourself. Even in cases where the facts seem to be straightforward and unambiguous, I often have individuals come into my office and hope that I can fix the mistakes they have already made in trying to represent themselves. This is difficult to accomplish. Let me handle your case from the beginning for a better chance at a favorable outcome.

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