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Juvenile Arrest and Juvenile Charges

Part 1: Rights, Some Differences with Adult Criminal Court. There are some important things to know if your child is arrested or charged with a crime.  The first is that the purpose of the Juvenile Justice System in Florida is to protect society by trying to rehabilitate the child who committed the crime.  The purpose […]

Bankruptcy Basics

Bankruptcy Basics by Shawn Hungate. Here are some very basic concepts about Bankruptcy.  Please understand that every case is unique and these statements may not necessarily apply to your unique case.  But if you are considering filing a bankruptcy, some questions you may have are: Do I qualify for a Bankruptcy? What does a Bankruptcy […]

Contested Divorce Basics

Contested Divorce Basics by Shawn Hungate. When someone hears the word “divorce”, a contested divorce, with all its procedures, is what often comes to mind.  This process begins with a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage filed with the clerk of courts.  This Petition can be filed by either the Husband or the Wife (or either […]

Basics About Divorce in Florida

SOME BASICS ABOUT DIVORCE IN FLORIDA by Shawn Hungate. Going through a divorce can be a trying time for anyone.  Dealing with custody, visitation, child support, alimony, property division only adds to the stress and emotional turmoil that comes with a divorce. Before you decide to take legal steps to file for divorce and end […]